Paradise in Garifuna communities in Cayos Cochinos, Honduras

I think I found paradise in Honduras.
Its paradise because unlike the neoliberal tourist project 'Los Micos' funded by the InterAmerican Development Bank proposed for Tela Bay, Honduras and another top-down "development" cruise ship dock and gated community project being built by Canadians in Trujillo Bay, the Garifuna community of Cacahuate on a small 'cayo', runs and practices their own vision of tourism.
Approximately 40 Garifuna families living on Cacahuate, pool and share the money earned by cooking delicious plates of fish, lobster and shrimp for visiting tourists and providing home stays for those that wish to be completely surrounded by the ocean as they sleep at night. As a politically organized community, Cacahuate fought hard with help from the Garifuna organization, OFRANEH (Organización Fraternal Negra de Honduras) against powerful interests to keep their island from being taken away from them.