COPINH's 23rd Anniversary on the Banks of the Gualcarque River

COPINH's public announcement sent out a few days before the event: "Let's go throw flowers in the sacred waters of the Gualcarque river. 3 spiritual ceremonies: Lenca, Maya and Garifuna, in the 23rd anniversary of COPINH, March 27, 2016. Berta lives!"

Yesterday, over 200 participants walked approximately one hour from the community meeting point in Rio Blanco where COPINH and communities maintained a blockade for months in 2013, down to the Gualcarque river.








Since August 2015, Desarrollos Energéticos (DESA), financed by the Central American Bank of Economic Integration, FMO, and Finnfund, begun constructing the Agua Zarca dam from the other side of the river when they were unable to gain access as a result of the comunity blockade. The Gualcarque river divides the department of Santa Barbara and Intibucá. The dam is now being constructed on the Santa Barbara side.

The afternoon sun was so hot, almost everyone went swimming.


The spiritual ceremony led by Garifuna, Maya, Pech, and Tolupan indigenous leaders and representatives.

Throwing flowers in the Gualcarque river in memory of Berta.