A Reminder of the Importance of U.S. Approval On "Sovereign" Honduran Issues

This was the front page of El Heraldo, one of Honduras' largest, nationally-distributed newspapers on Wednesday, January 27, 2016. It is headlines like this that bring the issue of U.S. imperialism to the front and center of my thoughts. Often, I have debates with solidarity activists about how active the role of the U.S. (and Canada) government is in determining how processes like the election of the Supreme Court magistrates, military coups, and promotions within the Honduran military and police, really is. I continue to believe quite strongly what many Honduran activists and human rights defenders say, "The embassy is in charge here" [La embajada gringa manda aqui].

Front page reads "the nominated 45 get green light from Embassy" and the text, "Jorge Machado, ex-member of the Nomination Board, says that they received a congratulatory letter for the work conducted in the selection of the 45 candidates for the Supreme Court. [The Embassy] clarified that that none of the people on the list of 45 candidates are identified [as being involved in illicit activities or not accepted] by the U.S. The justification for PAC [anti-corruption party] to vote against [the process] was that people that had been veto-ed appeared [on the list]"

Note that the headline isn't about the Japanese, German, or Canadian embassy? And notice that all they have to write is the "Embassy" in the headline and everyone assumes which country they are referring to? Now think about a similar headline appearing in a U.S. newspaper? Imagine "The nominated U.S. Supreme Court magistrates get green light from Honduran embassy".