Seven Individuals Accused of Participating in Berta Caceres’ Murder & Attempt Against Gustavo Castro

According to the Honduran press, the first four individual suspected to be involved were arrested on May 2, 2016, two months after Caceres’ was assassinated in her home and Mexican activist, Gustavo Castro survived an attempt against his life. When detained, their homes were also raided.



1.     EDILSON ATILIO DUARTE MEZA (25) – Employed as a construction worker (albañil), however the media has reported that Duarte Meza is a former soldier but these allegations have not been proven.

2.     SERGIO RAMON RODRIGUEZ ORELLANA (48) – Employed as the Manager of Social, Environment and Communications for the internationally-financed company constructing the Agua Zarca dam, Desarrollo Energeticos S.A. (DESA)

3.     MARIANO DIAZ CHAVEZ (44) – An active mayor in the Honduran Armed Forces stationed at the Primer Battalion of Special Forces, and an instructor for the Military Police of Public Order (PMOP)

4.     DOUGLAS GEOVANNY BUSTILLO (39)  – Retired lieutenant of the Honduran Armed Forces and former head of security for DESA.  

Then a fifth person was arrested shortly after the initial four. The press reports that the Public Prosecutor’s office issued a warrant on May 6th for Emerson Duarte Meza’s arrest when on May 2 during the raids and detentions of the four accused a revolver caliber .38 was found in his home. It is unclear the exact day he was arrested.

5. EMERSON EUSEBIO DUARTE MEZA (25) – The twin brother of Edilson Atilio Duarte Meza, also arrested for being involved in the assassination.

A sixth person was arrested on September 8, 2016 in the village of El Ocote in the municipality of San Pedro Zacapa, Santa Barbara

6. ELVIN HERIBERTO ORELLANA (21) – Honduran press claim that Orellana was the individual that shot at Gustavo Castro. Very little information has been made public about how he fits into the group, his role, etc.

A seventh person was arrested on January 12, 2017, in a barbershop in the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

7. HENRY JAVIER HERNANDEZ RODRIGUEZ (25) – A former military soldier. It is believed that Hernandez Rodriguez was one of the individuals that broke into Caceres’ home and participated in the murder.