June 28, 2009 Military Coup

October 2009. Fault Lines - 100 Days of Resistance. A 1-hour documentary in two parts by Al Jazeera's Fault Lines. 100 days since the coup d'état that ousted Manuel Zelaya, Fault Lines travels to Honduras to look at polarisation and power in the Americas, and finds resistance and repression in the streets.

Part 1


The Real News, November 2009.

One week after a widely-celebrated, US-brokered agreement between deposed president Zelaya and coup president Micheletti, the coup regime appears stronger than ever. Produced by Jesse Freeston

Part 2


The Real News, October 2009

Al Giordano: With one month to go until elections, the same coup regime that once sought to kill time is now running out of it. Produced by Jesse Freeston


The Real News. August 2009

60 days of anti-coup protests show persistence in civil disobedience and little faith in international community. Produced by Jesse Freeston


The Real News. July 2009

Bertha Oliva: Coup leaders are reviving despotism of the 80s in bid to crush participatory democracy. Produced by Jesse Freeston


The Real News. September 2009

Ousted Honduran President returns home after 86 days in exile, coup regime responds with vicious crackdown. Produced by Jesse Freeston


The Real News. September 2009

Oscar Estrada: Oligarchy's attempt to save their neo-liberal project may initiate fall of entire regime. produced by Jesse Freeston


Education Crisis in 2011

The Real News, April 2011.

Post-coup regime in Honduras carrying out unprecedented assault on most organized sector of the resistance, the teachers. Produced by Jesse Freeston


Aguan Valley & Campesino Movements

By far, THE BEST FILM ABOUT THE AGUAN, "Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley"


A documentary (in Spanish) about the massacre on the plantation "El Tumbador" in the Aguan Valley. Five campesinos from the movement "Campesino Movement of the Aguan (MCA)" were killed on land in dispute with World Bank-funded Dinant Corporation.

Afro-Indigenous Garifuna Struggles

October 2014. A film (in Spanish) by the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras (OFRANEH) outlining the expulsion of the Garifuna people from their ancestral lands, specifically in the community of Barra Vieja (close to Tela Bay) to make way for the construction of a five-star international hotel and golf course, Indura Beach and Golf Resort.


November 2015. On November 13th, 2015, Canadian tourism developer Randy Jorgensen, aka "The Porn King", appeared in court on charges of illegally appropriating ancestral Garifuna lands. The court ruled partially in Jorgensen's favour, choosing not to go to a full trial for the time being, but local communities smell corruption and vow to appeal this ruling in Honduran courts and keep on fighting all the way to international tribunals, meaning that Jorgensen's and others' investments remain in legal limbo. By Los Despojados




Employment & Economic Development Zones (ZEDEs) or Model Cities

October 2015. A National Lawyers Guild (NLG) delegation traveled to Honduras in August 2015 to produce this film documenting the looming threat of the first semi-autonomous zones, known as Zones for Economic Development and Employment (ZEDEs). For further information, access the NLG ZEDE report on the NLG International Committee website at nlginternational.org.

English Version

Spanish Version