Protesting State-led Death Squads & Repression Against Students

On Thursday, March 26th, a protest took place in Tegucigalpa led by university students and supported by various supporters of the FNRP. The protest was called to express outrage about the death-squad style murders of four high school students including 14-year old Soad Nicolle Ham Bustillo. 

Photo caption: Banner reads from left to right, "no to death squads" and " long live Soad Nicole Ham Bustillo"

Banner and signs carried by protesters expressed the sadness and outrage about the murdered students that had been involved in protesting poor conditions in public schools including lack of adequate supplies and under-funding, and reforms that attempt to privatize public education. 

Photo caption: banner carried by students reads "Old JOH [acronym for President Juan Orlando Hernandez] son of a bitch" repeating the words of Soad Ham screamed into the microphone of a newsbroad caster from TV Globo days before she was brutally murdered.

Photo caption: Protesters marched to the Presidential House but were met with a strong military and police presence that blocked off the road and prevented protesters from continuing. 

Photo caption: sign reads "Justice for Soad Nicole"