Over 6,000 Marchers Kick Off New Year in Honduras - YES TO ALBA

The National Front Against the Coup kicked off the New Year with a march yesterday that brought over 6,000 people into the streets of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The masses of Hondurans, groups and organizations that participated, marched to condemn the desire of the Congress to remove Honduras from ALBA (The Bolivarian Alliance For the People’s of Our America), an organization proposed by Venezuela to promote social, political and economic cooperation amongst Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Through ALBA, Honduras was receiving various benefits according to resistance movement leader, Rafael Alegria, including heavy machinery, economic support for the agricultural sector, doctors and medical support and teachers specializing in literacy, benefits that favour the poorest sectors of society in the country and region.

According to the National Front Against the Coup, the removal of Honduras from the agreement on the part of the Congress signifies that “the coup was carried out to stop needed social transformation” and “that the privileged groups are trying to destroy the conquests of popular social organizations” in Honduras.

Marchers also condemned the issue of amnesty for the coup government and military, who are responsible for the repression, violence and deaths in the country since June 28th.

The National Congress is scheduled to meet to discuss both the issue of amnesty and Honduras’ participation in ALBA this coming Monday.

Signs reads "Con ALBA, Honduras can become declared a country free of illiteracy"

Signs reads "Con ALBA, Honduras can become declared a country free of illiteracy"