Honoring Berta Cáceres

Thousands gathered on March 5, 2016, to accompany Berta Cáceres and her family to a spot of spiritual importance to the Lenca known as "La Gruta" and later to Berta's final resting place in the cemetery in La Esperanza.


Speeches at La Gruta, March 6, 2016. Berta's long-time compañero and father of her four children, Salvador Zuniga addresses the thousands that accompany the family through the streets of the town where Berta was born and raised.

Berta's children, from left to right, Laura, Salvador, Bertita, and Marcela. They are surrounded by their family. La Gruta, La Esperanza, March 5, 2016.

Visiting Berta's grave in a peaceful place in La Esperanza, March 11, 2016


A spiritual, indigenous ceremony in honor of Berta. Held at 'Utopia', COPINH's rural community training center. March 5, 2016.


An alter in Doña Berta's (Berta's mom) house in La Esperanza. Berta's Goldman prize was placed to the lower left of her photo.

A COPINH protest outside of the courthouse in La Esperanza, to demand justice for Berta's murder. Signs read, "DESA, Berta's killers. COPINH" and on the right, "Berta didn't die, you are a beautiful tree that is giving fruit in abundance."

Berta Cáceres: Indigenous leader murdered in Honduras

Berta was assassinated between 11 pm and 12 am on Wednesday, March 2, 2016 when at least two individuals broke into the back door of her house in the town of La Esperanza, in western Honduras. They shot her at least twice. She died a few moments later. A long-time compañero and fellow activist of Berta's, Gustavo Castro from Mexico was the sole witness to her murder. Berta lives in us and among us. Very sad news for Honduras. Berta will be deeply missed.